Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crawling and big food and stairs, oh my!

So now that Bubbas is a big 8 month old, he can pull himself up on anything to stand, crawl up the stairs, eat almost anything that Mommy and Daddy eat, and crawl like its nobody's business. What a stud! He is growing so fast. And he wants to walk so bad. He has a bad habit of pulling himself up on something and then turning around and trying to walk... since he obviously doesn't have the walking thing down yet he will get 2-3 steps and then fall.. he totally stands in his crib now, and when he is feeling really froggy he will use his little teeth and gnaw on the top of the crib. so there are some little teeth marks... what a character he is, determined, and a mamma's boy.

It has been really nice lately now that Rob and Monica are back. They sometimes end up hanging out at our place, Afton and Tommy have friends that they can play with here. Monica is about ready to push little Makenzie out any minute too! We can't wait to meet her! I was just watching the baby story today and started bawling when the little boy was born. How amazing these little babies are!

Teething is hard, and when they have a growth spurt, and when they won't eat... but everything else, so amazing! what am i saying, it is all amazing!

I am a little excited. Hopefully tomorrow we are finally going to see The Dark Knight. I have heard it is pretty intense, but wouldn't that make sense? Didn't the cast members talk about how Heath couldn't come out of character, and really had become the joker in real life? Isn't that what inevitably killed him? Creepy and Intense would be the perfect words to describe it. Nonetheless, I am still excited to go.

I am really excited though about Saturday! Breaking Dawn, the final book in the Twilight series comes out. Well, Friday night at mid-night, but I am not going to go wait in line... maybe.... we will see.... anyway, it is really sad how when you get into a series, and then you are done reading, after becoming so emotionally involved with the characters, you feel like you lose a friend. I feel so empty when I finish, and sad, and I want to know how the rest of their life is. it's like i want to add them to my Christmas card list..(if i had one that is) I know, it really is sad, but I know only one person who didn't like the Twilight series, and everyone else knows what I am talking about. The mild obsession, the need to read as much as possible because if you put the book down you feel like you are missing something... Yes, sad but true. Therefore, i will be unavailable pretty much from saturday morning till i finish the book. and then i may just need to read it again for good measure, take my time the second time... If you are a twilight fan, and haven't already done so, i would recommend checking out stephanie myers website. she has deleted parts of chapters, and whole extra chapters that were cut out, that make for some interesting reading and character development.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the 4th installment to come out. i'm so excited! i'm stoked you updated your blog. i feel bad that we haven't talked very much lately, but it's nice being able to hop on the computer and read that you're still doing awesome. let's get together soon.