Sunday, May 25, 2008

proper lie-in

I love these Sunday's when we get to have a proper lie-in. naps, munching, church, movies.... enjoying my family. Today I got called back into teach the 8 yr olds with Ricky at Church... I feel bad for the kids, I have no patience for their.... stuff.... but, luckily i have learned one thing, that treats work wonders! I am a little worried because that is the time when Brandon has his good nap of the day, and with the noisy kids, there is no way he is going to sleep. I will have to see how it goes.

I am excited for this week coming up. We have family that just moved back into town and hopefully there will be some good growth for our business. We do document preparation for a couple of different companies, and Ricky customizes guns, and also builds targets that are great to train for quick self defense shots. Someday we will have our websites up...

Speaking of websites and companies... check out our friends new website.. Great stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for plugging our company. You're the best! Good luck back in primary. I'm still there and Peter told me not to plan on leaving for probably a couple of years. I almost started crying...seriously.